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Dominio del Plata Winery

This winery is a family-owned and run project of Susana Balbo (Enologist) and Pedro Marchevsky (Viticulturist). The shared core philosophies that figure prominently in the production of the wines are as follows:

Precision Viticulture: A grape-growing philosophy that demands attention to every detail, however small. The planting of the vineyards, varietal selections, vineyard management systems, water management, canopy conduction, sanitary precautions and harvesting decision are all managed personally by Pedro and Susana in order to achieve the highest quality standards. These intensive viticulture practices are performed by no more than a handful of wineries in all of Mendoza.

Sustainable Agriculture: This entire project was specially designed and implemented in a way that doesn’t harm natural resources, preserves the environment, functions according to social requirements, and at the same time maintains productivity in order to remain economically competitive.

Superior Winemaking Skills: Winemaking skills and professional knowledge have been developed over more than two decades of managing high-quality winemaking, and through intensive and prolonged education and research. From this accumulated knowledge, a winery that employs state-of-the-art enological technology for the processing of grapes and wine has been designed and constructed.

Love and Passion: Knowledge and experience are not the only keys to successful winemaking. Every step of top-quality wine production demands a love and a passion for the winemaking process in order to obtain a successful result. The dedication and diligence of the entire family working in the vineyard, in the winery and for the marketing of the wines gives the company its unique character. The constant search for perfection and the appreciation for fine wine, as well as the relationships with the people that contribute to the success of the winery, is physically embodied in the beauty of the Dominio del Plata Winery.

Susana Balbo is currently the most recognized and famous female enologist in Argentina. Her innovative and progressive spirit guides her in developing wines with unique character and quality, which have gained her international recognition. She is the first Argentinean enologist hired by European wineries for consultancy. Susana continues to consult on various projects, both in Argentina and Spain.

With experience as a full-time consultant to the prestigious Bodegas Catena group, Pedro Marchevsky is widely acknowledged as Argentina’s most experienced technician in the field of high-quality vineyard management. He has developed a grape growing methodology, Precision Viticulture, oriented to attain the best berries from each grape variety. It consists of a set of procedures which are applied to grape variety and type of soil, in order to obtain the best grapes and the most expressive wines.

Ben Marco Malbec 2006 Ben Marco Expresivo 2006
Crios Susana Balbo Malbec 2006

Crios Susana Balbo Malbec 2007
Crios de Susana Balbo Syrah-Bonarda 2005 (SPEC)
Crios de Susana Balbo Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 (SPEC)
Crios de Susana Balbo Rose 2007 (SPEC)
Crios de Susana Balbo Torrontes 2007

Crios de Susana Balbo Torrontes 2008